written heartbeats

When life hits me with strong waves, I drown myself with my own words.
Welcome to my ocean.

Things that I would love to do with you

i. I want to drink coffee with you. I know that you love coffee as much as I do and so I would like us to take a trip around the city together as we try on the specialties of the different coffee shops that are established there. I want us to enjoy the ambiance that these places offer. Let’s just waste time sitting on the comfortable couches as we listen to the jazz music they are playing on the background. Then let’s drink coffee and eat cake and talk about the most random stuffs that we could ever think about. I believe that conversations over cups of coffee are the best and so I want to have the best ones with you. 

ii. I want to drown myself in music with you. You could play the guitar while I sing my favorite song. My voice may not be that beautiful but I hope you will bear with me. I want us to listen to all our favorite songs in your playlist. Let’s create mixtapes together and let’s play them again and again while we are on road trips. Let’s watch concerts together and let’s sing along with our favorite bands and singers as they belt out our song. You can teach me how to play the guitar if you want to or maybe I will just compose songs with you and we’ll share it to the world. We may not be great musicians but it wouldn’t stop us from expressing our love through music.

iii. I want to watch movies with you. We could go inside the cinema or just play all of those that I downloaded in my hard drive. Either way, it would still be nice to watch them with you. I could watch any genre with you, let it be science fiction, romance, cartoons or super hero movies. I don’t mind really. I think it would be nice to just sit and laugh or cry or be amazed with you as I hold your hand and lean my head on your shoulder as the movie plays. We could munch on popcorn as we enjoy ourselves with the film. Then we would do this all over again until our eyes get tired with watching movies.

iv. I want to read books with you. We could go on a public library or bookstore. Maybe, we would settle on a park and let our minds get lost through the words that the author provides for us. I just want to sit beside you as I flip through the pages of my favorite book or maybe, I will hold your hand as I settle my book on my lap. Then, I will look at you and tell you all the thoughts that are running on my mind when I could not contain the emotions inside me as I read those books. Or maybe, we could argue on a certain event or whether a certain character should die or not. Then we would read again until I read the last word on the very last page and I would go back to reality which is so much better because you are with me in it.

v. I want to take a lot of pictures with you. I want to take my camera with me wherever we go and I would just snap a shot on our every move. I don’t care being vain with you. I want to take candid shots of yours. I want to take pictures of those foods that we ate together or places that we visit together. Then I would print them all out in various sizes and I would post them on my bedroom wall as I create a memory lane of the things that we shared. That wall will remind me of all the sweetest moments we had together and even when you would be away from me, those pictures will be the gate back to those days when you are with me and they would get me by in missing you.

vi. I want to watch the sunset with you. You know very well that I am in love with nature as much as I am in love with you. So let us go to the beach and let me watch the sunset with you. Let us just enjoy the music that the waves perform as we stare into the beautiful scene. Let us let the nature heal us for a while. Let us stay there, side by side, maybe holding hands. Let’s just wait until the darkness will be dominant up into the sky and by that moment, we could watch the stars instead. I just want to get lost in nature with you. I wouldn’t ask for more.

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Saturday, 30 - 11 - 2013

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    Things that I would love to do with you i. I want to drink coffee with you. I know that you love coffee as much as I do...
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    Things that I would love to do with you i. I want to drink coffee with you. I know that you love coffee as much as I do...
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