s’il vous plaît dites-moi vous resterez.

Je resterai aussi longtemps que vous le voulez.

Vous avez dit que la dernière fois, mais vous avez dit au revoir. Comment vais-je vous faire confiance cette fois?

Je suis désolé. Je sais que j’ai fait mes erreurs, amour. S’il vous plaît permettez-moi de remplacer chaque pouce de cicatrices que j’ai imprimé sur votre peau. Permettez-moi de panser les cicatrices avec la chaleur de votre peau contre la mienne.

Mon amour, toutes les blessures ont été guéries instantanément dès que vous marchiez vers ma porte. Juste s’il vous plaît ne laissez pas nouveau. Je ne pouvais pas prendre un autre adieu. Restez, mon amour. S’il vous plaît restez et ne partent pas.

J’ai été faible depuis le jour que je vous ai laissé. Je pensais que vous méritez mieux. Je pensais que je n’étais pas assez bonne. Mais vous voir dans la douleur fait mon coeur encore plus faibles. J’ai su alors que je devais revenir à vous. Et depuis que j’ai frappé à votre porte et embrassé vous, J’ai déjà senti ce qui se sent toujours comme avec vous.

Vous êtes assez pour moi, mon amour. Le passé n’a plus d’importance.Tout ce que je sais, c’est que je suis heureux que vous êtes dans mes bras en ce moment. Faisons de cette dernière. Vous et moi. Toujours.

Après tout ce que j’ai fait, je ne mérite pas ces mots de vous. J’étais stupide pour vous laisser aller avant, l’amour. Maintenant que nous sommes dans les bras les uns des autres en ce moment, Je ne vais pas vous laisser aller plus. Non jamais.

17th April, ThursdayReblog

Sometimes, everything seems to be so good to be true. I started seeing things with too much colors that my surrounding looks more like a Disney Kingdom than the place I live in. I needed to pinch myself for pain always takes me back to reality. Pain always lets me know that I am not losing grip of what is really here.

I look at you and I could not believe you’re here. I needed to wait for myself to finally wake up for my mind always create visions of you since you walked away. I waited and when I could finally convince myself that this is not a fantasy, I sighed heavily with relief. But not for too long.

What came after is the fear that this won’t take so long. I am so used with the darkness that each time I was illuminated by your light, I am afraid it would go away as quickly as it came.

So tell me I am wrong.

Tell me you will stay.


17th April, ThursdayReblog

i. Write when it’s raining and you need solar power to get your pen scribbling. Write when all the plants you’ve watered has died from too much sunlight. Write when you’re running out of paper. Write when electricity’s gone and your computer’s dead.

ii. Write when all the colors has left you. Write black and white. Write gray. Write clusters. Write spaces. Invent new words. Write questions. Write conclusions. Write assumptions. Use words everybody uses. Use words nobody has ever seen.

iii. Write when you’re better. Write when you’re worse. Write even when someone is better. Write when you’re not the best. Write things that don’t make sense. Write what nobody reads. Write how everybody reads. Write when no one cares.

iv. Write about tragedies. Write about being hopeless romantic. Write about crushed hearts and broken bones. Write about rainbows and butterflies. Write about poverty. Write about violence. Write about world peace. Write what everybody else writes. Write anything other than love.

v. Write what they say about you. Write what you want others to say about you. Write of things nobody has ever told you. Write when they stop writing. Write when you feel like stopping. Write about writer’s block while you’re at it. Just write. Just write. Just write.

— Let nothing stop you from writing, e.h.w. (via evenhigherwalls)

17th April, ThursdayReblog
2:23 am

why are you away from me
i want to take refuge
inside your embrace
it is a place i’ve never been to
but i long for like a child
trying to find her way home
i want you, i miss you
if i could, i’d be there by now
and love, i am so sorry
that i am here and you are there
i am sorry for you have
to sleep alone tonight
but someday, i’ll be there
someday i’ll find my way home

17th April, ThursdayReblog
tsokolatengulan asked: what are your inspirations in writing? or what techniques do you use to make your works appealing? thank you.

Well, I get inspiration everywhere. From my past experiences, stories of the people I’ve met, books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched and a lot more. I always find time to write about things that interest me. Techniques? I just read a lot. I read books and works from other people here on tumblr. I get inspiration from them. Then I also search for effective ways on how I could enhance my own style. I learn and try something new everyday. Then I just write from my heart. Usually I write about personal experiences but sometimes, I imagine myself on the situation of the topic I am writing on so that it will appeal to my readers. There are still a lot of things that I need to learn.

Thank you so much for your questions.

17th April, ThursdayReblog

Anonymous asked: Hi nicole. I just want to ask if you know dearestdaryl, pilyonghari, slytraveler and theboywholovedrain? What can you say about them? Thanks xx

I follow all the bloggers you have mentioned except the last one (I will check his blog later). Well, generally speaking, all of them are amazing writers with distinct style. I admire how they could compose their pieces in a way that they are taking their readers into the world that they create. They could make others feel according to the mood of what they have written. Reading their works is always a great experience for me.

17th April, ThursdayReblog


why are you so far from me
in my arms is where you ought to be
I miss you, I haven’t met you
oh but I want to

17th April, ThursdayReblog

When I was young, all I ever wanted is to grow some wings, like an angel, so that I could fly and explore the sky at night. Now that I am older, I realized that I still want a pair of wings so that it could be easier for me to get to where you are and I won’t have to ache every time I am missing you at night.

16th April, WednesdayReblog

If Midas could turn everything
he touches into gold,
I turn anything that kisses
the skin of my palm into dust
and it makes me want to peel it off
or better yet to cut it down
for it doesn’t even do its job
of holding on to things
that I always wanted to have.

I am a walking hurricane
that leaves everything
I set foot into ruins.
My hands were made to destroy.
I never learned how to create
for I always mess everything up.

This is why I am afraid
to touch your hand when you
swiftly hold it close to mine.

You are too perfect to be true
and I am afraid to turn you
into a broken masterpiece and
debris of regret just like me.

n.a., if i let myself love you, i’ll destroy you

16th April, WednesdayReblog
I’m used to missing you, it comes naturally as breathing.

— 10-Word Story #38 (N.A.)

16th April, WednesdayReblog